The time frame for Custom Rugs

It’s worth the wait.

Once you’ve chosen the style, colors and size, we can then order a “strike-off.” A “strike-off” is usually a 2’ by 2’ sample, made in your pattern & colors and costs $150.00 - $200.00. It will take 4 – 6 weeks to receive.

Most every mill requires a strike-off to be made, approved and returned to them before production on the rug begins.

You can also order “artwork” of your custom rug that is a mounted color rendering showing the pattern scaled to size. A few of our mills will also attach yarn samples of your selected colors to the rendering. This process takes 2 – 3 weeks to receive at a cost of $200.00 - $300.00, but is not required.

Another option is an email rendering. The email rendering takes 10 days to 2 weeks to receive and will show the same things as the mounted rendering. A third option is a black and white line drawing.

Once the strike-off/artwork is approved, custom products can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months to make and ship. Fine quality custom rugs enhance your interiors and are worth the wait.

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